JOIN A PROJECT in 2023



    In 2023 we will be supporting a range of community development projects across the globe

    that are open to individuals who are part of the MAD Alumni

    and individuals just wishing to experience a Project for the first time.


    Get involved!

    South Africa Township Project

    2 weeks

    10th April to 23rd April 2023

    £1450 or $2000

    We will be supporting a number of local projects which are all short driving distances from our local base. Assist in creating a community vegetable garden, volunteer with childhood development classes, help with the daily running of the school from its temporary housing. We will also be assisting with educational programs, feeding programs and with other nearby community projects. If you good at dancing or soccer, you can run programs teaching the kids your skills, according to your strengths and knowledge.

    Peru Village Water Project

    2 weeks

    14th May to 28th May 2023

    £1450 or $2000

    Volunteer for 2 weeks in a rural community near to Huaraz in the Andes. Help dig and lay pipelines from a central source to homes so that each family can gain access to fresh and clean drinking water. Work alongside local skilled workers and volunteers from the village and engage in a high impact health project that will benefit the people in a remote location for many years to come. At the end of your Project you may want to head to Cuzco and trek the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu with one of our amazing local guides.

    Kenya School Classroom Build

    2 weeks- 10th July to 23th July 2023

    £1450 or $2000 |

    Spend 2 weeks on a volunteer project in Kenya's Rift Valley and help build a new kitchen, classroom, toilet or dining room for the kids at a Primary School.


    Interested in climbing Kilimanjaro? Why not end your ultimate African experience summiting the highest freestanding mountain in the world which is a just over the border in Tanzania.

    Fiji Community & Health Centre Build

    2 weeks- 11th July to 24th July 2023

    £1450 or $2000 |

    2 weeks- 25th July to 7th August 2023

    £1450 or $2000

    4 weeks- 25th July to 7th August 2023

    £2175 or $3000

    Stay in a coastal village homestay whilst helping build a community centre. The village of Naboutini has been our base in Fiji, after building our first community hall there, and is nestled between the hills and the ocean on a remote part of the Vanu Levu. Work alongside local builders and carpenters in helping to build a new hall that the community will use for outreach medical clinics and community meetings. At the end of the Project why not relax back in Nadi where you can explore some ocean adventures or just relax after your cultural adventure.

    Zambia Primary School

    2 weeks

    15th August to 28th August 2023

    £1450 or $2000

    Help build a classroom at a community school situated on the outskirts of Livingstone on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls. The school has 470 children and is entirely dependent on donor support. More classrooms are needed to provide a fully functional school and this development initiative is making a real difference to the quality of education of the children, one grade at a time. 

    Nepal Community Hall Project

    2 weeks

    31st October to 13th November 2023

    £1450 or $2000

    Help build a much needed community hall that will be used for community events, discussions and gatherings, as well as a place for people who live in temporary accommodation in a rural mountainous area near to Kathmandu to take refuge as shelter from the severe cold in the winter and in a natural disasters. Afterwards we will be operating an Everest Base Camp Charity Challenge for those who wish to extend their stay and are up for a unique adventure!