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University Teams

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Study abroad in Africa while teaching summer school?

Spanish Lessons in Peru while building classrooms?

Class on a beach in Fiji while improving the water drainage system of a village?


With our custom university service learning adventures give your students a lesson that they will never forget. Being immersed in a new culture, building relationships, serving an international community, and discovering so much about themselves will change their world views and their lives forever. We at Madventurer believe in growing together, and that is exactly what you will be doing on one of our trips. Your students will be just as postively impacted as the villages you will be serving with. 

Whether you are taking a class, a major, an organization, or a club, we can create a trip to reach your educational, personal and professional development goals. 


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Global Service Learning Organization: This passionate student organization traveled to Fiji where they worked alongside the village to build a water drainage system. Through nightly processing sessions the team discussed all that they were learning and feeling. The students left after having built lasting friendships and lifechanging experiences. 

California State University Fresno:

Comunity Service 101 Course in Fiji 

Fiji2014 | Service-Learning from Ryan Brisco on Vimeo.


Redhouse Academy's Educational Visit to Ghana

In October 2011 students and teachers from Redhouse Academy travelled from Sunderland to Ghana to complete the construction project in the village of Lume Ge. Following 2 weeks of building, the completed 4 classroom block was presented to the community, and the school group enjoyed a weekend at the beach before heading back to the UK.



Barrow and Ulverston School Group in Ghana


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 In Summer 2011 Barrow Sixth Form and Ulverston High School went to Ghana and worked hard on the first phase of a project to refurbish a very old four classroom block in the village of Lume Ge. The old building was in a very bad state. It had no plaster or paint, a rusty and leaking roof, no steps into the classrooms and large holes in the classroom floors. Following completion of this project, two classrooms are used as a Kindergarten, one as a library and the final room as an ITC classroom.

12 computers, a printer, loads of books and other resources were kindly donated to the village of Lume by the Barrow and Ulverston School Group

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Following completion of the two week project students from Barrow and Ulverston then went on a week long adventure around Ghana, taking in a safari park in the north, the market in Kumasi, the historic slave castles of the coast and some stunning beaches.

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Barrow and Ulverston School Group in India 


In 2010 Barrow sixth Form and Ulverston High School went out with Madventurer to work on a project in a small village outside the world heritage town of Mamallapuram in the south of India. Madventurer, partnering with an NGO in a small village called Vayallor just outside the world heritage town of Mamallapuram near Chennai. In this area widows struggle massively with issues of self worth after the death of their husband, the extended family feel like they have shamed and bought bad luck upon the family and are often forced out of their homes with no jobs, no means to make money to eat or feed their children and their lives slowly fold into lives of debt, forced dependency and obligation to family and friends. We are working with these women on a rehabilitation centre which has a vision to educate and empower these young women, teach them skills through tailoring projects, farming of spices and education for their children for a better life for themselves.

Volunteer work hits the local newspaper in India - Check out more details on the groups trip on the link below taken from The Hindu online newspaper, Life and Style Society: 

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