Team Leaders

Team Leaders

What is a MAD Team Leader?

MAD Team Leaders are amazing individuals who have decided they want to organize a group of 8 or more to embark on one of our service learning adventures. They work with our MAD Crew to help pick a project, recruit a team, prepare the team for their experience, and work remotely with MAD HQ to help get them ready for the group's trip . All of our Team trips are custom made to fit the size, goals, focus, and needs of  each group. 

Overseas, Team Leaders then work alongside our Project Leaders and gain valuable experience in the field. 

Who Can Be a Team Leader?

We love our team leaders, because they are passionate and diverse individuals who each bring something amazing to the group and the village in which they are serving with.  There are very few requirements to be a team leader, you simply must be dedicated to supporting your team before, during and after the trip, have a heart for service and a soul for travel, have a positive motivating attitude, be at least 19 years of age, and have a clear criminal history. 

Why Should You Be Team Leader?

Being a team leader can be a lot of work, but trust us, helping recruit a team from you community and then joining that team to work alongside an overseas village to develop their community and watching your team members create lasting relationships will make it all worth it. Becoming a team leader also allows you to have an incredible travel experience. If you have at least a team of 8, the Team Leader's Madventurer program fees will be waived entirely. If your team is larger than 8, we can discuss additional benefits such support with airfare or an additional team leader space.

As and when seasonal or full time Project Leader work becomes available then those with Team Leader experience will be given priority in new recruitment and will not have to attend an initial interview.

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How to Become a Team Leader: 

Fill out an inquiry form below that corresponds with the type of team you would like to lead so we can work to create a custom itinerary and trip information for you:

-  University Team

 Professors can teach a class overseas with us, or groups of students in a club or organization can plan a trip together. International service is one of the best methods of teaching and growing together.


 -  Sports Team

  The villages we go to love have Madventurers play sports with them. Bring your sports team and you can run clinics and tournaments with the local children, participate in a building project, have lots of team bonding time, and potentially play against a team from that country or watch a match (depending on sport and location).


 -  Corporate Team

 An international service experience is great for corporate groups looking  to give back. These trips can be used as training or bonding experience  for leadership staff or a chance to give your employees an amazing opportunity. The whole office can get involved in fundraising to support  one of our villages around the world.


-  Community Team

Your village, town, city, or state can gather together a group to serve abroad. Community teams are great because they bring people together  from all walks of life who create lasting bonds in the communities where  they are serving but also with each other.  Often after an international experience these community teams keep in touch and become leaders  for developing their own community. 


If you have any questions or if you don't see a form that corresponds with your team, email our Groups Department at 

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