Sports Teams

Sports Teams

Rugby on a beach in Fiji? 

Sand volleyball in Ghana? 

Football in the heart of Kenya? 

Take a Team. Make a Difference 

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Madventurer will work with you to create a custom trip that will allow your team to serve, play, and explore in a whole new country. 

1. Serve 

Your team will have the experience of a lifetime working alongside a village on one of our community development projects. Whether you are building bathrooms, digging water drainage systems, or constructing a classroom, you are guaranteed to be making a positive difference. MAD crew will match your team to one of the many projects that have been requested from our villages around the world. Andy and Arthur with the football teams

2. Play 

Of course, you will get the chance to play. In the afternoons your team will have the chance to practice, play against local teams, host clinics for the village children,
organize tournaments, particiapte in team building activities, and have so much fun. 

3. Explore 

This is a cultural immersion trip and you will have the chance to experience all of the sights, sounds, dances, tastes, and traditions of the community that you will be part of. We will also work with you to add in weekend excursions, adventures, and cultural experiences to help make this trip one to remember. 



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