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Fundraising Groups

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Big Brother Football and Kilimanjaro

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After Anthony Hutton won Big Brother back in 2006 and Liam and Ziggy came close in 2007 they all wanted to give something back and what better way than to become ambassadors for The Mad Foundation Charity!

They have all done their fair share of helping out the charity and it all started back in 2009 when Anthony and Liam went over the Kenya to coach football. They spent ten days in the Rift Valley helping build a school in one of the villages Madventurer has been working in for a few years now. Whilst not busy digging and cementing bricks they organised football tournaments, played several matches and got to know all the local football teams!

In 2010 Ziggy and Liam climbed Kilimanjaro with the Mad Chief and several other energetic volunteers. This is something Ziggy described as “a life changing experience.”

Later on in the year Liam made a trip out to Ghana with other fellow fundraisers. The week was spent painting the schools in Shia and making any final touches ready for the famous Nordu Festival! Shia is the village where Mad started back in 1998 and where they would be the honorary guests to say thank you for all their hard work over the last 12 years.

Liam says “I'm now a Patron on the Mad Foundation after being blown away by the work that Mad gets up to around the world so keep the sponsorship coming in as its going to a great cause.”

If you are interested in getting involved in some MAD fun, raising money for the foundation and meeting our ambassadors get in touch!

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