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"I am a faculty member who had the privilege of participating in this adventure. I have devoted my pursuits to researching the impacts service-learning experiences have on college students, and I have not found an experience to match that of the Fiji project. Too often service-learning is confounded with charity projects. The Madventurer Service-Learning project in Fiji accomplishes what most projects aspire- creating a truly reciprocal relationship between the students and villagers, such that both become service-learners. The Fiji project creates a unique setting where these lines are blurred and all collaborate on a multifaceted objective to simultaneously complete the concrete task and develop a shared understanding of unique cultures." Dr. Steven Hart, California State University Fresno 

Dr. Hart

"Students most memorable experiences do not come from the classroom.  It is by serving others while exploring new and different cultures that students develop into the kind of people we want them to become. When they return their thinking is wiser, more compassionate, and more broadly informed." Alan Strathman, Teaching Professor, University of Missouri 


"I grew in my appreciation for deep relationships. I grew in my understanding of cross-cultural service.
The way I viewed the world changed–and so did I." Alyssa Gutnik


"Madventurer is exactly the type of study abroad program we need more of.  It combines service learning, cultural learning, respect for other people and adventurous travel in a most impressive package.  As a professor of cross-cultural psychology, I have had the opportunity to watch a number of students take part in abroad programs.  I put this one at the top of my list." Dr.  Robert Levine, California State University Fresno 

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