Study and Serve Abroad

Many ways to serve,

So much to learn

Traveling to a new country and immersing yourself in a new culture is guaranteed to teach you loads about the people you are serving with as well as about yourself. We aim to maximize this learning through reflections, journaling, facilitated discussions, and readings to help you get the most out of the experience and in turn so you can put the most into it. While there is plenty of learning already built into MAD trips, we can customize your adventure to incorporate specific learning goals, curriculum, and vocational training experiences. 



Here are some examples of custom University Study and Serve Abroad Experiences 

History in Ghana

Serve during the week working on a school build and helping to teach world history in the classroom. In turn have a chance to sit in on classes that address the history and culture of Ghana and see how Ghanaian students are learning about their own past. When you aren't working in the school, we have plenty of activities we can build in to enhance the experience. We will arrange lecutures from professors at Cape Coast University, set up tours of historic slave castles and political monuments, and provide you with many ways to learn about the rich history of West Africa. 

Education in Tanzania

You will gain invaluable experience working in a village school where you will have the opportunity to observe, plan lessons, conduct activities, work with classes and small groups of students, host after school tutoring sessions and more. Teachers at our partner schools are eager for the support of future teachers from around the world and will look forward to sharing their methodology with you as well as learning from you. 

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Language in Peru 

On your Peru commuity development project you will be working alongside locals and have the chance to practice your spanish. Exchange some English lessons for some Spanish lessons for an experience that everyone will benefit from. 

Commuity Development in Cape Coast

Students studying international affairs, NGO management, community development, social entrepreneurship, or anything related to serving the social sector can learn so much from being in Ghana. When you are not working on one of our community development building projects, you will have the chance to meet Ghanaian social entrepreneurs working to beenift their community. Tour the sites of local organizations and international NGOs to learn the best practices of development work, to be encouraged by what is being done, and to be inspired by what there is left to do. 

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Sanitation and Clean Water in Thailand

Work on a project and spread awareness that can save lives. Explore the water system of Thailand, their infastructure, and meet with local engineers and health specialists to learn about the current infastructure and what needs to be done. 

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Health in Fiji 

Bring your health knowledge to a village in Fiji, set up a clinic, help conduct workshops on health practices for the community, empower the community with the skills to take care of eachother, and work to prevent the spread of water bourne diseases. Take tours of hospitals and health clinics, interview nurses, learn about tropical diseases, and receive a seminar on natural herbal remedies often used in the villages. 

These are only a small sample of the types of educational projects we can build for your University Team. Want to learn more? Fill out our University Team Leader Inquiry Form, and we will get you more information about how we can custom build a learning experience with you. 



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