Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning

Change your perspective. Change your world.

Are you looking to travel and have the service learning experience of a lifetime?

Madventurer believes that the impact of international service projects go far beyond the global communities we work with. Through cultural immersion and sustainable service projects, volunteers are able to gain new perspectives, relationships, insight, and inspiration that will change their lives, as well as the lives that they touch forever. That is why we are dedicated to providing experiences rich in self-reflection, group discussion, cultural exploration, and lots of learning.

Check out the video and quotes below from Fresno State Students to see how a serving learning Madventure to Fiji impacted them: 

"International service is vitally important to anyone's education Taking a step away from being at home is very useful because it gives you a broader context. There are a lot of things that people on my team have learned from this project that we wouldn't have been able to learn in Fresno." Ryan Brisco Fresno State Student on his Madventure to Fiji

Fiji2014 | Service-Learning from Ryan Brisco on Vimeo.

 "I would tell a student that was considering going on a service learning project, by all means to go for it, that would be the very first thing I would say. The reason for that is that it changes your life, it changes the way you view service, it gives you memories that you will have for the rest of your life, it betters you as a person because you really gain from the culture to the fullest extent so you can bring all of that back with you. The service is very reciprocal in that way, you can serve a community and they will also serve you." Arantes Armandariz, Fresno State Student on his Madventure to Fiji

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