Medic Placement in Ghana

Medic Placement in Ghana

Project Overview

  • DestinationGhana
  • Project TypeHealthcare
  • Duration2-4 weeks
  • AccommodationBeach Hut
  • Age18+
  • AirportAccra
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Had a fantastic 5 weeks! Have made some great friends and met some lovely people who i'm sure will be friends for life. I will remember my time in Ghana forever, thank you Madventurer!

Anna Jefferies

Project Details

Volunteer with Madventurer and you'll get to work along side some of Africa's friendliest people. Ghana is the place where MAD began back in 1998 and we've been here ever since. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana has stunning beaches and scenery but it's the warmth of the people and the vibrancy of their culture that will take your breath away. We are based in and around Ada Foa, in the South of the Volta Region, around 2-3 hours from Accra and 15 mintures from the beach.

Medic and Healthcare Intern Placement 

Medical volunteers will contribute dependent upon their skill-set, qualified professionals with the correct permits (to be obtained in advance) can practice their professions.  Unqualified volunteers or those in medical training can assist local staff in their area of interest.  Please note that those with no medical training or knowledge can shadow staff and get involved with non invasive aspects of medical work and patient care. 

The only major medical facility in this region of Ghana, the Dangme East District Hospital caters for around 40,000 out-patients and around 8,000 in-patients every year.  The hospital carries out a range of procedure from diagnosis and treatment of everyday illnesses, to the care and respite of long-term HIV/AIDs sufferers.  It runs an emergency department, responding to local accidents and crises, as well as a maternity ward and theatre offering basic surgeries.  The hospital serves the large population of all of the Ada region, extending out further along the coast, where other medical facilities are sparse for some distance.

What is the need for this Internship? 

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The hospitals needs are two-fold, hands-on assistance from medical professionals, and donor support towards improving it’s services.  The first of these can be provided in the form of volunteers, with trained medical professions being received to support the hospitals work and share skills with its local employees.The hospital has been supporting volunteers over the past year who are training towards medical qualification, allowing them to work alongside local staff and learn from them.  Volunteers without such qualifications but with an interest in a medical field, or in training, have also been assisting local staff and learning from them in the hospital. 

About this role and benefits to the Intern

Medical volunteers will contribute dependent upon their skill-set, qualified professionals with the correct permits (to be obtained in advance) can practice their professions.  Unqualified volunteers or those in medical training can assist local staff in their area of interest.  

Volunteers have the chance to experience a different medical setting to that they would typically find at home.  Trainee medical professionals will receive support from local staff in furthering their development towards qualification.

Based on the sandy beaches of Ada Foah, volunteers will be working and living on one of Africa’s most idyllic coastlines.

Please be aware that all internships require motivation and are suitable for self-starters, eager to learn and wishing to gain experience in this field.

Food:  You will try lots of local dishes such as Fufu, made using cassava (a root a bit like potato) and plaintain (green banana). You will also try jollof rice - a rice dish with peppers and onions flavoured with tomato and some kind of meat or vegetables. There is also a lot of different fish to try, some you may not have tried before. 

Weekend Travel: – Your weekends are free for some independent travel if you wish though you may want to simply relax on the beach!  Weekend trips, you can visit the cocoa project in the volta region.  Previous volunteers have also enjoyed heading to the volta region waterfalls, Kakum National Park and Cape Coast Castle.

Location: This internship is based in Ada Foah, the projects are right on the coast about 2 -3 hours from Accra. However you may be required to travel as outlined above.

Please note for medical placements you must be medically trained to do 5 days a week within the hospital – either a practising medical professional or at elective stage of your course.

However for those with an interest in medical placements without extensive experience we may be able to offer one to three days a week at the hospital shadowing hospital staff and helping with care.


Volunteer Feedback

Eleanor Trounce Medic 4 weeks placement 

Overall experience - Amazing and I really, really, really want to go back.  So much fun, really rewarding and possibly the best experience of my life.

Overall Impression of Madventurer - Reallly helpful before my project and very supportive throughout.  It was nice to feel part of something good and Mad had a very personal approach to everything.

Day in the life as a Mad Medic - Wake up when the cockeral outside decides you've had enough sleep.  Get dressed and eat some breakfast if the bread monster hasn't finished it the night before.  Head off to the hospital and spend  the day doing my nursing duties.  This could include pre and post op care, watching operations, clerking patients or typing up prescription forms.  After placement head back to the house for some delicious lunch and a chill out.  Most afternoons were spent relaxing at a bar and more ofen than not we'd watch the boys on their football placement in the evening.  Then head back for dinner at home and spend a good half an hour deciding what to do with our evening.  This could be going out, games night, debate night, or playing hilarious game of straight face.  The evening would end with some bizarre conversation and we would all hit the hay ready for another day of the placement.


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