Visa Information

Visa Information

 Latest News from Mad HQ - Visa Updates

Please be advised that the High Commissions across the country are currently experiencing a high volume of applications and, as a result, the turnaround time for visas maybe different.   We advise travellers to plan ahead in order to ensure intended travel dates are met.  Please make sure you give yourself enough time to get visas sorted before you travel, if you can't get them in country.  If you need help then just get in touch with our Mad HQ or email 

Visa Information

Visa information will be slightly different for every traveller.  This will depend on your nationality and whether you are travelling before or after your trip with us.  Its very important that you give yourself enough time to get visa's sorted before you leave.  It up to the individual traveller to check out their own visa requirements and make sure their passport is up to date. 

You can use a Visa support company to help with your visa application although there will be an added cost, but this can be worth it as it will take away the hassle and time taken in visiting embassies and sorting things out in person. In all cases, visiting the following website is a great source of information.  Just enter your nationality then country and visa type - this should bring up more details of requirements.


Please be aware that visa requirements can change throughout the year so make sure you check out the latest visa information.


Passport Information

Before you set sail for blue skies you must be in possession of a full passport (not temporary), valid for at least six months after the project or adventure.  If this is not the case, or if there is too much of a difference between your appearance now and your appearance on your passport photo, then you should apply for a new passport and allow plenty of time for the processing of your application.

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If you are sending us your passport information please make sure its the passport that you will travel on.  If you are renewing your passport then we will need the updated information to make a booking.  If you complete an online application for our projects then we will need your name as it appears on your passport.

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Here's a few helpful links below to help with your applications;

Ghana High Commission UK - 

Please note the Ghana High Commission in London is now only accepting online. Check out their website directly for more details.

Ghana High Commission USA - 

Ghana High Commission Australia -  

When you secure a place onto one of  the Ghana projects or internships we will email you with the link to the Ghana High Commission's website where you can access all the information.  We will also send you a Support Letter from Madventurer to accompany your application.


General Travel Information

For more general travel information then why not try The World Travel Guide on the link below.  Just search for the country you are travelling to and you can check out health, passport, visa, highlights plus lots more helpful info.

World Travel Guide -

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