Health Advice

Health Advice

It is essential that all Madventurer volunteers are fit and healthy for their project or charity challenge. You must let Madventurer know on your online application of any medical conditions, allergies or dietary requirements you may have, however small. If you develop any conditions or allergies between application and departing for your project you must let us know as soon as possible.  

It is very important to us that you get the right health advice so for individual advice you will need to visit your own doctor or travel nurse. They will have your medical history and details of any allergies etc. Please give yourself enough time to check out your health requirements before you travel.

Please be aware that as our UK staff are not medical professionals and do not know your medical history they cannot answer health questions for you please contact your doctor. It is up to the individual traveller to ensure they have all the necessary inoculations needed for their chosen destination. 

Once you have your inoculations sorted remember to take the origional copies of your vaccination certificates as the immigration officials may ask for these when you arrive.  For some destinations a copy will not be accepted so its important that you travel with the origional document.

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