Pre-Project Preparation

Pre-Project Preparation

Travelling is one of the best things you'll ever do...

However, exploring out of your comfort zone does carry a number of inherent risks that we help to manage. Madventurer uses its experience, knowledge, and training to minimise all potential eventualities. Several measures are taken to prevent problems arising overseas:


Before you leave

Pre-departure Advice

All Madventurers receive a pre-departure information pack to help with their preparation. This contains information on how to prepare for your trip, health advice, kit lists, fundraising advice and a letter of support to help with Travel Visas (where applicable), travelling tips, and emergency contact details.


It is a prerequisite that all Madventurers take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers them for all eventualities. Please also remember to take out your personal travel insurance as soon as you book any flights incase you need to delay your departure for personal reasons.



Crisis Management Response

Madventurer has a full crisis management response strategy to a whole host of potential scenarios which our Overseas crew and UK staff are trained to manage.

Emergency Contact

Full contact details are passed on to next of kin in the UK as well as the venturers themselves. In case of an emergency our UK staff are trained to manage.

Overseas Crew

Madventurer employs full-time and seasonal crew to lead our projects. The crew meet the team off the plane and will remain with them for the entire project. The crew are trained and are all recently certified in first-aid.

Risk Assessment

All projects and adventures are risk assessed by crew on a daily basis. This means that any new potential dangers can be avoided.


Once you arrive overseas a full orientation meeting will be given by our crew. The crew have a good knowledge of the country and the communities which the team will spend their time in. The meeting will give the team a chance to learn about and discuss the cultural differences they will encounter, as well as the potential risks.

What If You Get Ill?

Health facilities are available locally in all our destinations. Your crew are on hand to get you to hospital if needed. We also have contacts with private Doctors in all destinations should you need a consultation.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

For all the latest Travel News on health and safety abroad.

If you are a UK resident you can click the link HERE to go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Home Page


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