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Teen Queen UK Fundraising for the MAD Foundation  

For the past three years Teen Queen UK have decided embark on a Group Fundraising competition to help raise funds for the MAD Foundation. Up to 100 participants each year have hosted fundraising events in their local communities and set up either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving fundraising pages.

The 2 girls who fundraise the most get to travel to one of our project sites to see the fantastic work their funds are supporting. These girls are a huge part of our fundraising campaigns - their involvement is much appreciated and as supporters they can see first hand where their hard work has gone and report back to the group on their return home:

Check out the video they made after their last fundraiser and visit: 

"Our aim is to educate, improve and inspire future generations to build better lives and give hope to the less fortunate. In a world driven by money, fame and material possessions our objective is to enable teens across the UK to realise their full potential by making a few simple changes in their lives they can make a huge difference to the lives of others in developing countries."

"By touching the lives of the people in these projects, our teens will grow into well rounded, caring, kind individuals and confident adults, and will give our teens a purpose and a real understanding of the importance of charity."

Lina Perrini, Founder of Teen Queen UK

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