Volunteer in Fiji

Volunteer in Fiji



Fiji is an absolutely gorgeous country with rich tradition and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you are about to be immersed in Fijian culture and welcomed into a community unlike any you have ever seen before. During your stay you will have the incredible opportunity to work alongside the villagers to help improve their community and their daily lives through building and social projects. You will also have the chance to really experience the culture by living it; eating traditional dishes, learning island dances,weaving mats, going on spear fishing trips, playing sports with the kids, and so much more.

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Madventurer Testimonials

Such a fantastic experience! Very upset to leave Naboutini and the friends that I have made. I am definately thinking of coming back in the near future! Bronwen Harries 

Amazing and very diverse experience. I felt like we saw all sides of Fiji. I would recommend Madventurer to anyone! Sara-Louise Couper 

Fiji has been the highlight of my GAP year, the community were so welcoming, the other volunteers will be my friends for a very long time and seeing the results of the community hall was amazing. All in all a fabulous month. Camilla Muirhead 

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