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Planning your service learning adventure is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Pick a Country 

All of our project host countries offer the incredible opportunity to be immersed in a new rich culture and to be welcomed into a new community.

Whether it is a tropical Fijian village you fancy, a beachfront fishing community in Ghana, an urban South African experience, a mountainside town in Tanzania, a grassland Kenyan adventure, or lush tribal lands in Thailand, you are guaranteed to have a life-changing experience.

Tanzania Projects - Individuals for Summer 2017 and Custom Groups

Peru Projects - Individuals for Summer 2017 and Custom Groups

Ghana Projects - Custom Groups Only

Kenya Projects - Custom Groups Only

South Africa Projects - Custom Groups Only

Thailand Projects - Custom Groups Only

Uganda Projects - Custom Groups Only

Fiji Projects - Custom Groups Only

Togo Projects - Custom Groups Only

For Custom Groups and Teams we are able to offer Projects and Expeditions in many more locations at any time of year that the MAD Foundation supports. 

Not sure where to go? We can help! Contact and we will find the right match for you!


2. Pick a Project

MAD projects combine the talents and passions of the madventurers with the needs and desires of the communities we serve. Our projects are all directed by local community leaders and supported through working hand in hand with comunity members to ensure that the work we are doing is sustainable, relevent, and empowering.

Our group projects are all custom made to fit your educational, service or CSR goals. Service project elements are combined with the learning opportunities, and explorative travel adventures of your choice to provide you with a meaningful and well rounded experience.

If you are an Indivudal you are welcome to join ua on a project to help build, teach, coach, engage in health initiatives, or combine a few of these to make a difference - but you must first find at least 5 other like minded individuals, friends or colleagues so we can reach our minimum group size in order for us to make our projects sustainable.



Once you have a country, a start date and a project in mind, we will hook you up with all of the information and preparaiton you need to have an amazing Madventure. 

Still need some more information on why you should GO MAD?! Why not have a look at 10 Good Reasons to get involved!

If you are unsure of where to go and what to do why not get in touch and speak with one of our staff at Mad HQ by emailing 

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