Siemens gets ready for its fifth annual international CSR Project with Madventure

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Madventure has been working in Peru since 2003 and building long-lasting relationships with communities throughout the country. The two major areas we work in are the remote villages around Huaraz in the north and the villages around Cusco further south. Huaraz is a hub for adventurous trekkers, full of personality, and set with a view of one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world, and it is where the next Siemens CSR MAD Mission will take place next month.

We continue to support and stay connected to the villages we have worked with over the years including Llupa, Huandar, Chosica, Ayurmacas and Umanes. Our projects have included clean water projects, stove building, community centre builds, new classrooms and compound work, greenhouse and permaculture work, new kitchens and building toilets for both schools and village households.

In this next project will be continuing our commitment to the communities surrounding Huaraz on development projects that create access to clean drinking water. In our last Project we identified a water source, and secured it by building a holding tank to create sufficient pressure.

Participants from all over the world who are part of Siemens Corporate Finance Audit will be volunteering alongside members of the local community and digging and laying the main water course and pipes from the source towards the settlements further down the valley. It promises to be an exciting Project which marks 5 years since Siemens and Madventure partnered to deliver a wide range of Projects across the world.

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To get a taste of what happened in Thailand earlier last year you can <take a look at the video> that Siemens created to capture the experience.


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