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Want to get fit in January and Make A Difference?

Check out Shaun who is busy training for his IronMan Challenge at the end of this month! In his own words, find out how and why he has taken on an epic challenge to raise funds for health and education projects worldwide....

Posted by John Lawler Posted by John Lawler on 17th Jan 2017

Go MAD in 2017

Are you going MAD in 2017? Join us this summer and do a charity challenge up Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu, or take your university, school or company or one of our award-winning volunteering trips to Africa, Asia, Latin America or the South Pacific!

Posted by Christa Welle Donker Posted by Christa Welle Donker on 14th Sep 2016

Countdown to the MAD Summer

Check out what remaining Summer Project places are still available in Tanzania, Ghana and Fiji this Summer, and also what winter warmers we have for you in Fiji and Thailand!

Are you a Madventurer? ;-)

Posted by John Lawler Posted by John Lawler on 4th Mar 2016

Why Tash Became A Crew Leader

Check out the story of how our amazing crew leader Tash became involved in international service.

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 20th May 2015

Summer 2015 is Gonna Be MAD

Toilets in Tanzania. Schools in South Africa. Friendships in Fiji.

What will you build this summer?

Check out our Summer 2015 Brochure to find out!

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 18th Feb 2015

Piece of Your Heart

One awesome Madventurer Jason, made this incredible GoPro video of his recent service learning adventure in Naboutini Fiji, where he says he left a piece of his heart.

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 5th Feb 2015 in volunteer reviews

Mad Chief 'Stays Classy' in California

Check out our MAD Chief in California as he hits the airwaves Ron Burgundy style to help promote this summer's projects to Peru, Fiji, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa!

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 16th Jan 2015 in project news

Hear from MAD HQ

"Working for Mad is a dream, because my job is to share the incredible experience of international service with others. International service has been such a transformational part of my life and I just feel so blessed to be able to help promote and develop it." Emily Hentschke Associate Director

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 12th Jan 2015

How did this all get started anyway?

Once upon a time (in 1998) there was a gap year student from Newcastle upon Tyne called John. Wearing a tweed-jacket (John wanted to teach) and with a rucksack on his back John flew to Ghana, West Africa. During his time there he broke his ankle, become a chief, and got quite a Mad idea...

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 9th Jan 2015 in project news

Why Volunteering is Good for your Business

"Today's employees are entering the workforce with an expectation that volunteering will be a part of their professional careers. PriceWaterhouseCoopers discovered that 88% of Millennials gravitated toward companies with pronounced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, and 86% would consider leaving if their employer's CSR no longer met their expectations. "

Posted by Emily Posted by Emily on 8th Jan 2015 in corporate volunteering

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