Overland Truck Adventure Tours

Overland Truck Adventure Tours


In the summer 1999 we ran our first 2 overland trucks .. and our Madventures began! 

After working on Community Projects in Ghana, our first MAD group headed North on our first West African Madventure and travelled all round Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali .. and all the way to Timbuktu and back!

At the same time, and after building a school block, a second MAD group in Kenya set off to explore all round Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Since then, over 7500 participants have undertaken projects, overland adventures and charity treks - many doing a range of all actvities whilst on a full gap year!

Roadside burkina faso

Not got a full year off to build your own Global Madventure?

 There are many things to explore in and around each Project sites that Madventurer is fortunate enought to be hosted in.

Why not search for waterfalls on weekends, trek up Kilimanjaro, or join an overland truck and go on an ultimate safari? 

Our Project Leaders who live with you on Project all have extensive knowledge and experience of the country you are visiting.

In addition our community partners - be it the village chief, the parents committee at the local school or the teacher who shares their knowledge of the local lingo with you - all want to ensure that you feel at home. They want you to get to know your surroundings and find out more about the cultural, historic and social fabric of their communities of which they are immensly pround of.

We have some custom itineraries that our crew and village leaders have put together so that you and your group get the most out of your trip - please email groups@madventurer.com and we can send you more details!


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