Machu Picchu Challenge 2017

Machu Picchu Challenge 2017

Machu Picchu

Join our MAD Charity Challenge and Trek to Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and now classed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Standing at 2430m above sea level on the top of a mountain in a tropical forest is in an extraordinary setting. Constructed during 1450 at the height of the Inca Empire, it was one of the very few Inca sites left undiscovered during the Spanish invasion. Machu Picchu became a lost city to the world, only the local farmers working at the bottom of the mountain even knowing it existed.

This all changed in 1911 when American historian Hiram Bingham “re-discovered” it. Even after scores of studies, knowledge of Machu Picchu remains sketchy. As to its function archaeologists rely heavily on speculation and educated guesswork.

These days the classic 4 day Inca Trail has become rather touristy and busy and unfortunately the trail is becoming some what worn away. The Salkantay 5 day Trek is leaving behind the masses of tourists. Running beneath the spectacular Salkantay Mountain (6271 metres a.s.l), one of the highest and stunning in the Peruvian Andes, crossing rocky passes and valleys, descending into tropical rainforest along the Urubamba river you will witness the most spectacular panoramic views.   

Arriving at Machu Picchu just after sunrise is a sight you most certainly will not forget. 

Dates: Flexible to suit your own team! Let us know what time of year you are thinking of traveling and we will let you know if the dates fit with local weather conditions and trek passes.

Trek Deposit £250 or $300 

Additional Fundraising Target £1,650 or $2,200

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If you would also like to join a Project before your Trek then you and your team can volunteer one of our Madventurer Projects from one day (for a game of footy!) up to 2 weeks. If you wish to pass by for a day to just familiarize yourself with the good work that your Peru fundraising challenge would have contributed to then there would be no additional cost. Just email for more information.

More information on the Projects across the globe that you will be supporting can be <found here>

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