Do Your Own MAD Challenge!

Do Your Own MAD Challenge!

MAD Charity Cycle Challenge

Why not do your own Madventure Challenge? That's exactly what our newest MAD Tribe members did in the Summer....

“You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits” - Paulo Coelho 

Meet George Decaudaveine and Stanislas de Longevialle, aged 17 & 16, who were two French Londoners looking to “Make A Difference”!

Both studied at the French Lycee, and had engaged in projects together before. Having both been scouts and at the helm of their own patrol, they learned how to trust and rely on each other, overcome challenges and difficulties as well as working together to reach their goals.

Whether it was building habitable structures with rudimentary materials or cycling for our troop in a 24 hour relay race, they accomplished it together, building friendship and trusting in each other’s abilities.

Then they decided to Go MAD!

Being both keen cycling enthusiasts, they decided to create their own Fundraising Challenge Inspired by their scout experience, and when we asked why they decided to support the MAD Foundation they told us the following:

"Our personal goals are to:

  • - Serve people in need of our help

  • - Allow us to live an adventure

  • - Make us go beyond our limits

We chose to support the MAD Foundation because it:

  • - Helps Children that don’t get the educational chances that we have received

  • - Acts in less developed countries that dramatically need our support

  • - Is a medium size charity meaning that you and us can see where your money is going."

So they set up a JustGiving page and decided to cycle from London to Bilbao.




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