Madventurer Feedback

Madventurer Feedback


I really enjoyed feeling part of a community. I liked the fact that the community we were living in truly appreciated the work we had done. Their appreciation was really shown on the last day with an amazing leaving ceremony. The Project Leaders did a great job and I could not fault them.

Every day I woke up to the laughter of children and the crispness of the bright chilled morning! Breakfast was right back to basics with a local bread and jam roll, then iy was off to work! On the project we were able to be very flexible which allowed us to lend a hand on every part of the project.

- Jodie Airey, Peru Volunteer


Never being out of the country before going to Fiji, I was extremely nervous, yet excited. Once I got to Fiji and was engulfed in the beautiful village, I was completely comfortable around people I had just met. The Fijians were so friendly and welcoming.  It was so neat to work alongside the Fijians while painting their community center. They were all so patient with us and made us feel like we were at home during our stay in the village. I would definitely recommend working with Madventurer and going to Naboutini, Fiji to anyone and everyone who is interested! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm so thankful to have had such a great opportunity to work with a fantastic organization.

-  Kari Kimura, Fiji Volunteer 


I cannot recommend this program enough! I was in the beach community of Maranatha for a month as part of the Gib Tribe on a school building project. The Madventurer team was amazing at making you feel welcome and accommodating your every need. It was amazing how involved we became in the community - not just during the work day but even after! Constant contact with the school children and people made all of the difference. With Madventurer there was also a strong sense of knowing where the money you raise is going straight towards all the materials and resources that go into the project and community you are working on. The friendships and memories I have made with the rest of the building tribe, the friendly people of Maranatha, the Madventurer team and the amazing kids, have gone above and beyond my expectations! I cannot wait to get involved in madventurer all over again! Akpe MAD!

- Megan McElwee, Ghana Volunteer


It was really fun, and I really enjoyed becoming part of the community. the people are so friendly and the landscape is beautiful with all the mountains. The project made me more confident to do some more travelling in the future. It was a really great experience for me!

- Tawna Mitchell, Peru Volunteer


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